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Jumbo Paper Rolls

Rotary was founded in Detroit, Michigan, as a division of Safran Printing Co. in 1955 and at that time was known as Rotary Manifold Forms. In 1982 a group of employees purchased the Detroit division and changed the name to Rotary Multiforms, Inc (RMI). RMI sells direct to end-users and to value added marketers nationwide and is one of the largest print service companies in the nation. Rotary has developed a diverse customer base encompassing Fortune 500 companies and small independent firms.

Supplying quality products and services is one of the RMI’s key philosophies. Our attention to detail and extensive product knowledge has helped RMI retain customers and has our repeat business exceeding Eighty-Five percent (85%). This high percentage of repeat work is a testament to our commitment to quality and service we provide all our customers