This is the website where you can order recognition signs that are required by the DNR for project sites that have received grant funds from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Land and Water Conservation Fund, and the Michigan Passport Programs. Please note that the 12" x 18" plaques are required and the medallions are optional and are being offered for Grantees that would like to incorporate the program logo into existing signage or to increase the publics’ awareness of these programs.

Thank you for ordering these signs. Recognition of these valuable programs is essential to their continued success!

Please note the Land and Water Plaques are currently out of stock with more in casting/painting.  If you place an order we will ship as soon as stock is in, or check back and once stock is in we will remove this message

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Plaque and Medallion($ price each)

Michigan Natural Resources TF

Land and Water TF

Michigan Recreation Passport

12" x 18" Plaque (REQUIRED)




12" Diameter Medallion




8" Diameter Medallion




6" Diameter Medallion